A choice of locks and security barrels



The lock for the internal and external doors, lockable with DIN standard cylinder. Lock closing-opening test has been performed (according to UNI 9173:1988) for 500 thousand times. The test for corrosion in a salt fog was conducted in accordance with DIN 50021 standards.

QUICK LATCH rapid exchange of patented system allows turning the latch to the necessary side. Polyamide latch is sufficiently robust. Thanks to these materials the lock has become much more quiet, it will give you and your family more comfort, your house will be cosier avoiding unnecessary noise. The distance between the handle and PZ centre is 85 mm.

Fire doors (applicable only to composite timber doors)


Fire doors are installed in a building to save lives and property in the event of a fire. They are a specified part of a building’s passive fire protection system. It is essential a fire door performs its vital task, so specifying the right fire door and installing it correctly can be a life or death responsibility.

The performance requirements of fire doors or doorsets and their locations within a building are stated in national Building Regulations. Fire doors help sub-divide a building, even domestic buildings, into compartments, slowing down the spread of fire and allowing occupants to escape.