SAR anti-burglary roller shutter systems

roller_sec_1 This system is aimed at those to whom the safety of their families is one of top priorities. As a manufacturer of roller shutter systems, we decided to go a step further and offer our customers a product that is not only a great decorative element, but which will also provide an effective protection against intrusions.
roller_sec_2 Modern design, functionality, ease of installation and operation, as well as aesthetic appearance will help the roller shutter to meet the requirements of the building and fit the colour of the façade. In this type of products, the individual elements, i.a. channels have special reinforcement, which prevents deflecting and pulling out the roller shutter profiles. In addition, the resistant structure of the curtain prevents any impact-induced damage of the roller shutter. In addition, the latch mechanism mounted in the bottom part of the shutter prevents raising of the roller shutter’s curtain, which ensures an effective protection of the house. Rollers shutters are made of aluminium, and are thus lightweight, weather resistant and easy to maintain. During our absence, they protect windows and balcony from the sight of potential attackers, and our possessions – from theft. The isolation helps us also to protect the interiors from excessive sunlight and warming up.

PE 55 aluminium profile


The PE 55 extruded profile is recommended for use in facilities where security issues and aesthetics come first. The profile has been designed to have very good strength properties. Due to the high weight of the profile, electric drive is recommended.The PE 55 profile is used in anti-burglar roller shutter systems, which have successfully passed the tests and are rated III burglar resistant.

They are made from high-grade, powder-coated abrasion and weathering-resistant aluminium in a wide range of RAL colours. The coating obtained that way has a very good colour fastness. Aluminium profiles are ecologically clean products.


Available colors:


SAR anti-burglary roller shutters


364gallery The innovative SAR anti-burglary roller shutters system is aimed at those to whom the safety of their families is one of top priorities.

With its reinforced guides (PPW 80 & PPW 90), curtain made of extruded profile (PE 55), strengthened bottom slat (W-LDG 55/W) and two security systems (WB & LDG 55/W)) it is the perfect solution combining a strong, durable and closed cover with an aesthetic look and ease of use.

Our anti-burglary roller shutters have undergone testing in an accredited laboratory and are certified RC 3 burglary resistant to PN-EN 1627:2011.

The anti-burglary construction can be used both in adaptive and top-mounted systems.



The colours don’t pattern faithfully upon the real colours.
The availability of colours depends on the profiles’ type.
* Special color – on order.
** On request can be painted in any RAL color.