Basic design panels divided in 10cm width horizontal ribs. Elegance always in fashion. The Midrib design doors makes an impression of a solid wooden 25 cm height planks.

 Midrib Slick

Midrib Slick Wood

The Midrib+ design panels with smooth surface looks like well planed planks. Can be painted in pearl effect colours. Your garage door will look like made of wide oak planks. Great door for great house.


Flush Slick

102flush flush_slick
Modern design 50 cm width flush panels. Especially good with inox appliques and windows. No ribs, no embossing – just smooth panel. But looks great ! Perfect for inox and other individual appliques.

Flush Slick+

Toprib Slick

flush_slick_plus toprib_slick
Smooth panels and stunning colours. Smooth surface, 10 cm width top rib and any RAL colour makes garage door very elegant and stylish.



microrib macrorib
Always different – changing light during daytime will give you lots of different looks of your garage door. Robust and modern. Perfectly suits industrial requirements.


Georgian Wood

georgian georgian_wood
Classics. With lots of options and colours. Luxury classics.

ALU Profile Frame

Luxury classics.